New Name, New Look, Same Mission

circle-logo-svc_edited-1-1Change can be a good thing and is often a necessary part of healthy growth. As Spring Vale recognizes the need to minister to our youth in new and dynamic ways, we are changing our look and our name.

“Spring Vale Christian School” honors the 70 year legacy of our beloved school, while clearly communicating exactly who we are and what we do. We pledge to continue to serve the body of Christ and to provide a safe haven for our youth during these uncertain times.

Christian education has never been more important, and Spring Vale Christian School is excited to broaden its horizons and reach out in ways we’ve never attempted. We are exploring the development of an online virtual classroom experience for those who cannot attend our campus and will be asking for input from those that may be interested in attending or being part of our virtual school staff. We also want to make significant improvements to our campus with a multi-year development plan, beginning with overhauling our front entrance and several classrooms and offices. (More info about these plans can be found in the tabs at the top of our main website.)

Over the next several months we will be fine-tuning our new branding and be unveiling a completely new logo in March during Alumni Weekend. We encourage all Spring Vale stakeholders to make plans to attend this special occasion.

As we start down this bold and exciting new path, we know we must not walk it alone. If you would like to partner with us, please consider joining our Gideon 300 membership to support Christian education and help make these goals a reality.

Spring Vale has been very blessed over the years and continues to exist by the grace of God, and through the faithful support of people like you. We are excited and encouraged to see what God holds for the future!



Step Into My Office…

Welcome to the Director’s Cut! This blog was created with the intent of better communicating with our Spring Vale supporters, and specifically with our parents.

During SVA’s recent student orientation, I had the pleasure to spend time with many of our parents. While talking to a local parent who has been a long time supporter of everything Spring Vale, she expressed that she had no idea what the administrative transition meant for the school, and what SVA’s vision is for the future. Although these things were clear in my mind,  I suddenly realized that they weren’t clear to everyone else. If it was this easy for even our local parents to feel disconnected and uninformed, then what about the rest of our parents and supporters spread all over the country? Hopefully, this new blog can help to change that.

Everyone who has a vested interest in Spring Vale, and especially those who have children here, should be informed and and up-to-date on everything that is happening at our school. Our new website, the digital Torch newsletter (available on our homepage), and the Director’s Cut blog reflect our efforts to better communicate.

Please stay tuned for more updates from the Directors Desk, including details about this year’s theme, “Relationships”, the success of our new Resource Room, Mark Caswell’s exciting work as full-time Principal & Counselor, and more discussion about what lies ahead!

Darrel W. Walters II, Executive Director